Haider Ali

UAE, AJMAN. Software Engineer.

I'm an adept Software Engineer, having creative mind. I use the tools which are productive and make sense in this industry.



Let me introduce myself to you, I'm Haider, born and raised in UAE, Ajman. I was a gaming addict, all the time I used to play games, do nothing. I missed many useful times of my lives on games, I do regret about it but its not too late. I'm an ex-introvert means that now I'm an extrovert. Speaking of my favourite dishes I do love middle eastern and south asian food. I don't like to be extra so I wear what is common and not too attention seeking.

Introduction to programming

As you all now that I was a gaming addict so at some point of life I had to leave it. I met some people who code but they weren't friendly at all, used to say weird stuff about me. I didn't argue at all. I used to make random bots without any knowledge of programming. I wasn't able to make those bots advance as I was lacking knowledge. I started search on google about "Python courses", first result was udemy courses, I clicked one of them which had a title (still has) "Complete Python Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery". Here's how I got into programming and my love for computers increased to 100%







  • Backend and Frontend
  • Programming language development
  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Robust and secure systems
  • Clean and self-explanatory code


  • Ibn Seena English High School 2012 - present
    Currently in high school.