Who are you?

Ok so, you might be wondering how I am? I'm Haider, a software engineer (mentioned this many times). I'm a high school student, don't want to tell my age but I'll give you a hint its under 20 ;).

How I got interest in programming?

Long story short, I started making random bots without any knowledge of programming, I used python for as its very simple for beginners, after that I got interested in python, started to search for a online course. I found a online course by ZeroToMastery, its very descriptive course, the fun part is I completed that course in 3-4 months because I was quitting in between. I did make few projects with python you can check proejects page. Then I took web development course, then Rust. I use Rust for almost all of my projects, its soo good and fast. Its my favourite language.


  • Node.js
  • Rust
  • JavaScript/TypeScript/CSS/HTML
  • Linux
  • Angular
  • React
  • CI/CD
  • Docker