Why as a developer I prefer android over iOS


Well let's talk about Apple's security, its beyond what we need, they try to be extra and don't let users decide how secure they want their device to be. Apple doesn't allow developers/users to download apps from 3rd party websites unlike android where we can download executables or "apk" files which are just andoid system executables which are ran by the OS.

Apple doesn't to give freedom to developers, they want you to subscribe to their developer license subscription and pay them $100 or $299 (for enterprise teams) annually, on the other hand on android you can download apps by creating "apk" or just pay Google $25 once an get the license for life, which is pretty cool.

This is was about app development.

Are you creating an awesome browser? Better than firefox and chrome 😲?

Well then use WebKit. Why? Unfortunately Apple forces developers to use their web engine to create a browser on iOS so your users will experience the same experience they get on Safari, Chrome or any browser on iOS. It's like they all are different fruits but taste the same.


Android has tons and I mean tons of articles, videos, websites, etc which teach different approaches or maybe teach android development. You probably will be thinking, "Ok but I still need to create the app on iOS too". Yea you need to but listen I'm talking about "support", on iOS app development you're on your own. Frameworks like React Native and Flutter make this easy but for that you'll need to learn JavaScript (for react native) and Dart (for flutter). Let me create a small visual block for this:

Flutter -> Learn Dart -> Learn FlutterUI -> Make App
React Native -> Learn JavaScript -> Learn TypeScript (Optional) -> Learn React -> Learn React Native -> Make App

We see that Flutter has less steps than React native but nevermind this is not the scope of this post.


Android uses Linux kernel underneath the hood, Linux is the best operating system for developers and yes I said "best" because it is.

Apple created a different kernel for iOS and yea it's ok but I would prefer something which I have already used or is open source.


Everyone wants freedom, Apple tries to ruin developer's life. I'm going briefly explain each.

  • Web videos -> You cannot use most video files and have to add some extra HTML attributes to make HTML video element work on all browsers on iOS. Reference

  • Lack of app support -> Some great apps you find on android will be not on iOS due to their extra security and license costs

  • Expensive -> Apple devices are very expensive and they purposely don't make some 3rd party devices compatible with iOS so they don't work properly.

Well folks, these were my sentiments on "why android is better than apple", I hope you liked it.


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